Harbour maintenance

Specifically in relation to the up-keep and maintenance of Bulloch/k Harbour, the following initiatives have taken place in conjunction with ourselves (Bulloch Harbour Preservation Association and Dalkey Tidy Towns) and Dublin Port Company over the past couple of years. At the start of each year we meet and agree a maintenance programme and this is a summary of some of the work that has, and will continue, to be done:

  • Litter & debris collection…on-going
  • Removal of silt from harbour basin.
  • Stability of the harbour piers: Surveys carried out by RPS & ongoing monitoring in March           each year.
  • All signage up-dated and replaced.
  •  Old dilapidated benches removed and remaining ones repaired, restored and varnished.
  • Redundant crane removed…costly to maintain.
  • Crane plinth clad with granite slabs & restored; navigational light installed on the plinth.
  •  New street light installed.
  • Winch restored and now painted annually.
  • Chains alongside the grass verge repaired and painted
  • Grass verge restored and grass feed applied twice annually.
  •  New flower bed created 
  • Six new granite steps installed….easier access to ‘West Plaza’
  •  All sheds and barriers are painted annually.
  • Steps down to the boats painted and algae removed: annually
  • Boat storage area re-surfaced in 2017
  • Weed spray all piers…on-going
  • Slipway completely refurbished in 2016.
  • New ladders and mooring rings installed in 2017
  • New portaloos installed by DLRCC 2017
  •  New temporary safety poles installed in 2017.
  •  Wall at ‘West Plaza’ re-pointed.
  • Leaking sewage pipes repaired by Irish Water

Concerns have been raised about the condition of quay wall – that  was one of the first issues we raised with Dublin Port Co. in 2014. I am glad to advise that a number of major surveys, initiated by Dublin Port Co., have taken place over the past 2 to 3 years by Engineering Consultants RPS. Various reports have been presented to us and we have been assured that no movement of the quay walls has taken place since 2009. While some walls appear to sag, we have been reassured that they are stable. In fact some old photographs show that they have been in this ‘sagging’ state for quite some time. Bullock Harbour pilot cottages 1Some on-going repair work has and will continue to be done as necessary and every spring the RPS team do a survey to check if there has been any change or movement of the quay walls. This annual commitment has been given to us by Dublin Port Co.

(Frank Dillon, BHPA & Dalkey Tidy Towns)