Bartra’s planning application – the ever present element that’s too big and too intrusive

One element of Bartra’s development proposals never changes.  Whether they are presenting interim proposals, or having pre-planning meetings with county council planners, or submitting planning applications, they always include three huge houses to the rear of the Western Marine site. Sometimes these houses have been circular but more usually – and in both planning applications –  they are cuboid blocks.

We have included below our mock up from the first planning application as it is the only illustration that we have seen that accurately represents the impact of these houses.  The developer’s own visuals in the first application pretty well ignored them entirely.  In the current application, they are shown hazily in white, merging with fluffy clouds, so that their impact is dampened down.  The three cube shaped houses are crowded together to the rear of the site each comprising 412 sq m (4465 sq ft) of floor space over three storeys plus structures above each house for lift and stairs access to the roof terrace.  These houses appear to be now a metre higher than the previous proposal, that is taller than the adjacent county council pumping station, with a further 1.6 m (5.25 ft) access structure projecting above.

We believe that the proposed  buildings are too large and too intrusive for this sensitive location.  As we pointed out in our “observation” to the first planning application these will present as a single block and will obliterate the view to the Bulloch rocks and dominate the site.

bulloch blocks 3 copy

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