Planning applications

A site immediately adjacent to Bulloch Harbour, formerly occupied by Western Marine (see main photo) has been acquired by the Bartra Property Capital Group for development of luxury houses and apartments, with some marginal provision of commercial units.  Two planning applications have to date ( 2018) been submitted to the planning authority, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and both have been refused permission.  The developer has appealed the second refusal to An Bord Pleanála – at the time of writing (May 2018) a decision is awaited.

Through this website – watch out for our news posts –  Bulloch Harbour Preservation Association (BHPA) provides information on the planning applications, on the detail of the proposals, on how to lodge “observations” with the planning authority or ABP and on action being taken to ensure that the character, heritage and working use of the harbour and the immediate area of Bulloch are preserved for the benefit of users, local people and the many visitors who enjoy this maritime amenity.   You can support our campaign and the general work of the association in many ways, including financially:  see our bank information scrolling down here.

How to make “observations” on planning appeal by Bartra Property

Bartra’s second planning application for the Western Marine site at Bullock Harbour was refused by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council in February of this year but Bartra lodged an Appeal to An Bord Pleanála on 21st March 2018.  Bartra’s Appeal document and the Planners’ Refusal Report may be inspected in the DLRCC Planning Office or viewed online under the original application Ref D17A/1135.

If you object to the planning application and Bartra’s proposals for Bullock Harbour, you can make an “observation” to An Bord Pleanála in support of the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown refusal of planning permission.  Observations must be sent by post, or delivered and receipted at the front reception desk during office hours (9.15 to 5.30 Mon-Fri) to arrive by close of business on Tuesday 17th April.  Unfortunately An Bord Pleanála does not provide online services to view appeal documents or make online observations.

Address your observations to: The Secretary, An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1. Eircode D01 V902 – the office is on the corner of Marlborough St and Findlater Place (off Cathal Brugha St).


  • Your name and address,
  • Location details “Former Western Marine building, Bullock Harbour, Dalkey, Co. Dublin
  • An Bord Pleanála Ref: 301237
  • DLRCC Ref:  D17A/1135
  • and your own observation (guidance below if required)

A fee of €50 is payable and must be included, however it is possible to include more than one individual observation in the envelope for a single fee.  You might get a group of observations and post them together.  Only one person will receive direct follow-up communication from An Bord Pleanála.

Suggested Points for Observations (please rewrite in your own words)

  • Please state that you are supporting the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council refusal of planning permission in respect of the above application.
  • The site is subject to flooding due to wave overtopping in north-easterly storm conditions. Huge waves crash against the rocks projecting large bodies of water and debris up to 30 metres in the air to be blown inshore and dropped on the site, particularly where the three detached houses are proposed. This was particularly evident during two recent violent storms over 1/2/3 March and 17/18 March when the site was totally inundated with seawater which continuously ran down the proposed access road, across the quays and into the harbour for many hours on both occasions.
  • The current W Zoning of the site in the County Development Plan includes various marine and community uses, but also allows for consideration of residential use. W Zoning does not take account of the long history of flooding on this site which makes it unsafe for residential use.  Please include your personal experience of multiple flooding events at Bullock as to date they have never been recorded in the DLRCC or OPW Flood Reports.
  • The Specific Local Objective SLO22 for Bullock Harbour in the County Development Plan requires any development to have regard to the special nature of the area in terms of height, scale, architecture and density. The three storey quayside apartments are too high and too close to the quay, totally dominating the streetscape of existing one and two storey buildings.  The bulk and height of the three storey detached houses behind dominate the skyline and coastal vista totally obscuring the granite outcrops behind.
  • The architectural style is unsympathetic to the heritage character and amenity value of the location.
  • There is inadequate provision for the potential marine and community use of the site with barely 30% for this purpose. No recognition of the wide range of groups using the harbour – sea kayaking, Sea Scouts, diving clubs, fishing clubs, extra-curricular adventure activities, bird and marine-life watching.  Include your own experiences of activities at Bullock as a participant or an observer.
  • High-end residential development will not be compatible with the marine and leisure activity of a working harbour and public access to the coastal rocks.
  • There are multiple concerns over inadequate parking provision and resulting traffic congestion, emergency access, drainage etc. (expand as you wish)


Planning background

The 2017/2018 planning application is for three large (400+ sq m) “houses”, comprising three stories plus effectively a fourth floor with roof garden and structures to the rear of the site.  And a structure at the end of the quay with two very big (160 sqm) apartments over a commercial unit (cafe).  Both of these structures are planned to be taller than the highest building at the harbour, the DLR pumping station that you can see to the right of the image below.  A boat building workshop and tiny community units are planned but how these will operate is not clear. Further comment on multiple aspects of the planning application are provided in our news posts.  In the image below, we have inked in the developer’s representation of the development as the original drawings, we believe, failed to show the true impact of the size and height of their buildings.

Bulloch Dev v3 red

This history to this planning application is that a couple of years ago now the Western Marine site, which comprises boatsheds and other industrial uses, was sold to Bartra whose first planning application was submitted in December 2016 and raised a furore of protest on multiple grounds.  Hundreds of “observations” were lodged with the planning authority, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council who turned down the application in record time.  Their lengthy rejection is available to read here.  

The first planning application was dominated by luxury residential but dubbed by the press “Costa del Sol”.  We had to produce our own image – see below – as the developer’s images were carefully angled to avoid sight of the three large structures to the rear.

bulloch blocks 3 copy