Storm damage repairs

Repairs to harbour after two major storms in March

Bulloch Harbour Preservation Association reports…  Following major storm damage to the Bullock Harbour piers in March 2018, as graphically illustrated in the photo below, Dublin Port Company tell us that they have now completed all the necessary surveys, and received the required permissions to work on the foreshore and repair the protected structure of the pier. Contractors have been appointed and work commenced mid November on installing extended safety fencing around the construction area.  All the displaced granite blocks from the harbour wall will be lifted and laid out on the pier so that the quay can be reassembled and reinstated in its original form. This is scheduled to happen over the coming weeks.

In addition to the storm damage in March, over the last few months there has been new movement of the blocks at the southern inside corner of the end of the pier close to the heavy wooden ladder.  Dublin Port Company is monitoring the situation and will investigate this problem as part of the current works on the site.

Storm damage to Bullock piers- March 2018

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