Repairs continue to Bullock pier

On Thursday 21st March Eamon McElroy, the Dublin Port Company Engineer, hosted another information session on Bullock Pier.  He was accompanied by the Consulting Engineer and the Contractors of the repair project.  They explained the process to date of finding and identifying the correct original position of every granite block displaced by Storm Emma 12 months ago.  They have also experimented to find the most appropriate mortars to use for the backfilling and pointing of the pier.  Only the top course of granite blocks now remain to re-positioned, and this will be completed in the next few weeks.

Work has also been underway to plan repairs to the south-western inner corner of the pier which has been subsiding progressively since last summer, and is liable to collapse.  This is due to scouring of the harbour bottom caused by eddy currents at the base of the pier.  As a precaution all the granite blocks in this area have been numerically coded to facilitate the rebuilding process. The corner will be dismantled and reassembled on new concrete foundations.  We hope that the pier will be fully re-instated before the 2019 summer season.

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