Bartra vs Bullock Harbour again!

Bartra Property (Dublin) Ltd has, as we have reported, lodged a fresh Planning Application with Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council (their planning department reference is D22A/0006 ) for the former Western Marine site at Bullock Harbour on 6th January.  Our previous news posts detail the sorry planning history of this site. The new proposal consists of the same building structures as the previous plan with very minor alterations.  The principal element of the proposal are three detached houses to the rear of the site: these are virtually unchanged: three storeys, 412 sqm with a roof terrace and lift-shaft above.The formerly proposed two 2-bed apartments over the quayside café have been replaced by one 4-bed 411 sqm apartment, but still 3-storeys high with double-pitched roof.   We two 2-bed apartments over the quayside café have been replaced by one 4-bed 411sqm apartment, but still 3-storeys high with double-pitched roof.  We have shown these below, together with our 2017 version which inks in the proposed structures to show their actual size and location.

Bartra’s 2017 proposal for Bullock Harbour, with structures inked in by to illustrate the size
Bartra’s 2022 proposal (a screen grab from their planning application). These show the same structures with the large houses indistinct against the horizon.

Initial assessment of the planning application

Our initial assessment of the planning application is that the developer has failed to address the reasons cited by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown planners in their decision to refuse permission in 2018:

1.     That the predominance of residential use and the low percentage of marine related uses are contrary to the W Zoning and Special Local Objective in the DLRCC Development Plan.

2.     The lack of integrated design as the quayside elements are visually and physically segregated from the large houses to the rear.

3.     The development fails to respond to the unique context of the site, and does not strengthen the special character and positive sense of place at Bullock Harbour.

4. The scale, mass and height of the quayside block and the large detached houses are excessive compared to the streetscape of single storey cottages and houses.  They dominate the view of the bay along the quay from the slipway, and mask the view of the rocky coastline across the harbour.

Additionally we observe that, as residents and visitors to Bullock harbour all know only too well, there are still threats at this location due to flooding and in particular the overtopping waves and waterborne debris which deluge the site when driven by storm force winds.

We at Bullock Harbour Preservation Association will use a planning consultant and other experts to analyse the detail of Bartra’s new plan, which contains more detailed reports than before.  We will be writing again to advise you of any further issues which might be covered in your Observation to DLRCC.

The reference for the new Planning Application is D22A/0006 and this may be viewed on the DLRCC Online Planning Service or in person at the Planning Department, County Hall, Marine Road (10am – 4pm, Mon-Fri).   The deadline for submitting Observations/ Objections is Wednesday 9th February and these can be lodged online or in writing along with the fee of €20, which we encourage our supporters to do.

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