DEADLINE: Wednesday 9th February – 16.00hrs

By personally submitting an ‘Observation’ or objection supporters can make an impact on the forthcoming Planners’ decision on the proposal to construct major residential blocks at Bullock Harbour.  When making your observation to the Planning Department –

  1. Quote Ref: D22A/0006 – Former Western Marine Site, Bullock Harbour.
  2. Include your Name and Address
  3. Include the fee of €20 – cheques payable to DLRCC / or Credit Card
  4. Add your observation details

This may be done online where you can also read the full application details.  Click “Planning Applications Online Search” on the Dun Laoghaire- Rathdown County Council website and follow the links. In order to make an online observation you will first be asked to Register on their website. Observations may also be posted or delivered to: Planning Department, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, County Hall, Marine Rd, Dun Laoghaire.

Planning Office public hours: 10.00 – 16.00 weekdays (open through lunchtime).

POINTS TO CONSIDER FOR OBSERVATIONSPlease rewrite these in your own words

  1. Bulloch Harbour is of huge historical and cultural significance, unique local amenity to be protected, important part of Dalkey heritage. This architectural design is not sympathetic to character of the harbour.
  2. The site is prone to over-topping hazard i.e. inundation by huge waves and waterborne debris in north-easterly storms, and resulting flooding caused by drainage problems especially at high spring tides.   
  3. The proposed new drainage plans inadequate to cope with overtopping on houses & surrounds.
  4. Unsuitable for residential development.  Not residential in the past for good reason.  
  5. Scale and mass of proposal for the large detached houses and one large apartment (each in excess of 400 sq metres) in addition to the essential marine units is excessive.  Totally insufficient marine use proposed.
  6. Height of the three-storey quayside apartment block is excessive compared to streetscape of single storey cottages and houses.  Closer to quayside than current workshop building. Dominates view of the bay along the quay from the slipway.
  7. Three detached houses excessive in area, height and massing, not in harmony with the nearby architecture, coastal landscape and seascape.  Will block views of the coastal rocks behind.
  8. High-end residential development conflicts with marine and leisure activity of working harbour and public access to coastal rocks beyond.
  9. This landmark site has great potential for marine, cultural, heritage, recreational, environmental and community uses, such as display & information area, training, kayaking, fishing, small boating etc.
  10. Further concerns regarding parking, access, traffic, drainage, etc. (expand as you wish).
  11. Please include any other points of your own

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